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Grandeur The Personal Reflections of
Famous Grandparents
Mary Ann Cooperr
Whether the subject is health care or movies,
women's issues or trends in television, I have
written about it or spoken about it. As well as
being the author of more than 100 book projects
“Natural Cures for Common
Diseases,” “101 Ways to Pamper Yourself,”
and "Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol,"
and a syndicated columnist  for 30 years, I have
been the editor of a best-selling national  
entertainment magazine, and have also been a contributing writer to an
eclectic group of magazines including
Women's World, Television
Week, GRAND Magazine, Boxoffice Magazine, Looking Good Now
and American Media Special Magazines.
Joe Biden, Colin Powell, Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen, Joe Frazer,
Donny Osmond and Julie Andrews -- what do these prominent
people have in common? They are proud grandparents who were
happy to tell author Mary Ann Cooper all about how their
grandchildren have brought joy to their lives.
Grandeur The Personal
Reflections of Famous Grandparents
will touch the hearts of anyone
who is interested in the personal lives of the rich and famous, and
gives testimony to the special relationship that all grandparents and
grandchildren share. Makes the perfect gift for the parent or
grandparent in your life. Order your copy today! Buy Now style 1 button